Welcome to Makwa Flutes

Makwa Flutes is committed to working closely with clients to create custom made flutes with a story. This process begins with getting to know the client and understanding just what they are looking for in a flute made either from a branch or recovered wood. This includes guiding the client through the range of keys available and then helping them choose the right piece of branch or recovered wood from Makwa’s stock of branches or recovered woods. Makwa is committed to quality craftsmanship and customer service in all aspects of the creative process.

                                                      So, whether you are new to the fluting world or looking to add to your collection, whether a branch flute is what you are looking for or you have a vintage piece of wood that holds meaning for you, consider Makwa Flutes your choice of maker!

Looking forward to working with you.


5 thoughts on “Welcome to Makwa Flutes”

  1. I have bought a flute and would like the music. I would like to log on to your site so i can get the updates.

  2. Steve, I adore the flute you made for me and will NEVER part with it. We are perfect for each other. Her name is Omahkai’stoo (Raven, or Big Black Bird in Blackfoot). A friend of mine will contact you soon. She wants her own flute too. She is am amazing musician too. Wishing you a great fall.

  3. We are interested in purchasing two flutes. One for my husband and one for my son, as a graduation gift. We would be happy to drive to visit your shop but would only be able to come on a weekend. I also sent you a FB message. We met very briefly at David Bouchard’s talk to TCDSB teachers in Toronto.

  4. Many members are just in the process of learning or acquiring flutes, while some members are flutemakers or seasoned flutists. Any who are interested in pursuing the interests related to the Native American Style flutes are welcome!

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